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Is Morifone’s Aileron the future of guitar headstocks?

Morifone Guitars Quarzo electric guitar and headstock

Montreal, Canada co Morifone Guitars has announced its flagship electric guitar, the Quarzo, which features the firm’s innovative upward-winged Aileron headstock.

According to Morifone, the Quarzo is based on ’59 Burst specs - so, there’s a figured or plain carved maple top, with mahogany body and neck - but promises functional improvements courtesy of the patented headstock.

The company claims the upward-winged design delivers more sustain, better tone, less fret-buzz, better playability and easier string-bending - it even helps the guitar stay in tune when it’s laid down on a flat surface, since the tuning pegs aren’t in contact with whatever you set it on.

Other practical tweaks include headstock joint reinforcement, a double-action truss rod, belly contour and an ergonomic pickguard that floats without a bracket.

A number of customisations are available, too, including weight relief, nitrocellulose or polyurethane finishes and a choice of any of Lollar’s humbucker or P-90 pickups.

It’s really quite a bold blend of classic and contemporary - which we happen to find rather fetching - although that in itself is sure to divide opinion, even if that headstock can deliver the kind of benefits Morifone promises.

If you fancy trying it for yourself, the Quarzo is available to order now at a typically boutique price point of $3,999 from Morifone Guitars.

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