Introducing Pedalpocalypse: It’s like Desert Island Discs but for pedals

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The Virtual Guitar Show starts tomorrow, but we're so excited about it that we're giving you a sneak peak today.

Pedalpocalypse is a new show from MusicRadar and GuitarWorld, with the pilot episode created especially for the Virtual Guitar Show. Best described as “Desert-Island-Discs-but-for-pedals”, in each episode we’ll be asking guitarists: “If you could only take three pedals with you into lockdown and/or the apocalypse, which ones would they be?”

Filmed in The Bungalow in LA and hosted by British guitarist Robin Davey, the first episode stars blues-country-jazzmaster and all-round tone wizard Josh Smith as he talks through his love for the pedals he couldn’t live without: The Lovepedal Tchula, his main pedal for the last 15 years and a pedal he helped design, the Vemuram Myriad Fuzzanother pedal he helped design – and the Eventide H9 multi-effects unit… Which he admits is kinda cheating. 

Watch as he talks us through each pedal, demonstrating their various tones and how he uses them to get the signature Josh Smith sound.

The Virtual Guitar Show is a massive guitar and bass blowout that will be hosted across, in association with Guitar World, Guitarist, Guitar Player, Bass Player, Guitar Techniques and Total Guitar, on 25/26 September.

Josh Smith is the first guest on Beaux Gris Gris presents: Bungalow Paradise Live, a new streaming show from Grow Vision Productions (Producer & Director of Live From Daryl’s House,) hosted by blues-roots artists Beaux Gris Gris (Greta Valenti & Robin Davey) and Friends. For more details, visit Beaux Gris Gris' Facebook page

Josh Smith

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