"I'm learning": Joni Mitchell on relearning to play guitar by watching online videos "to see where to put my fingers"

Joni Mitchell Newport
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Joni Mitchell has revealed that she's been using online guitar videos to relearn the instrument following her aneurysm in 2015. 

I’m looking at videos that are on the net, to see where to put my fingers

Joni Mitchell

Guitar playing was one of the abilities the star lost, but this week she played on-stage for the first time in almost a decade.

"You’re going back to infancy, almost,” she told CBS Mornings. 

“I’m learning. I’m looking at videos that are on the net, to see where to put my fingers. 

"It’s amazing. When you have an aneurysm, you don’t know how to get into a chair. You don’t know how to get out of bed. 

"You have to learn all these things again."

Will and grit
When asked how she had coped with her rehabilitation, the star revealed that her brain surgeon had remarked on her "will and grit."

Following Paul Simon's surprise Newport Folk Festival appearance over the weekend, Mitchell closed out the multi-day event as part of a  ‘Joni Jam’ - not only her first full set since 2000, but her first Newport performance in 53 years.

The emotional set was originally billed 'Brandi Carlile and friends' but there was no doubt of the star attraction who performed alongside other acts including Marcus Mumford, country singer Wynona Judd and Dawes‘ Taylor Goldsmith. 

Mitchell was seated for most of the set but stood and played guitar during Just Like This Train, from 1974 LP Court and Spark.

Check out the CBS Morning report and interview below.

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