"I didn't choose it; it chose me" – Petter Carlsen from Pil & Bue on why his guitar choice is a Duesenberg Starplayer Baritone D6

Petter Carlson from Pil & Bue
(Image credit: Future)

Baritone guitars are a lot more prevalent on stages than they used to be, but for Petter Carlson they're the only choice in his work with Norwegian heavy rock duo Pil & Bue

The Scandinavian band released their new album Special Agents on Indie Recordings earlier this year and it's full of monolithic riffs and progressive flair. We've already seen Petter's pedalboard, but we can also thank Duesenberg's Starplayer Baritone D6 for the tones. And it turns out it was a gift… 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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