Pedalboard tour: how Petter Carlsen from the Norwegian duo Pil & Bue gets his juggernaut guitar tones

Pil & Bue pedalboard
(Image credit: Future)

We had the honour of filming Pil & Bue's rig ahead of a hometown gig in Alta celebrating the release of new album Special Agents. Guitarist / vocalist and drummer Gøran Johansen are local heroes in the small but highly supportive alternative music scene in the remote town on Norway's north coast; a beautiful place that offers one of the world's best positions to see the Northern Lights.

Peter Carlsen and Pil & Bue

(Image credit: Future)

No such luck for us as it's cloudy during our stay in the snowscape, but we still had a great time discovering the music scene is in Alta – home to a yearly music festival that attracts international talents and a hugely supportive community. Alta's Studenhuset City Scene venue where we join Petter for a look at his rig is a state-of-the-art setup most local-level musicians in the UK can only dream of playing. 

Seeing Pil & Bue that night, it became clear why the Indie Recordings duo's name translates to bow and arrow. Petter and Gøran are an immensely powerful combination, with a huge live sound that redefined our understanding of a two-piece heavy rock band. So obviously we want to know how Petter delivers such massive sounds – and he was happy to show us the gear behind it in the video below.  

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