Hold on, are we using our guitar picks right?

Hand holding a guitar pick
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There is no wrong way to do anything when it comes to playing guitar – but if you're starting out or having problems, looking at recommended ways to approach things can help a lot. With this in mind the Gibson app seeks to help out players with some lessons – and have a whole Basic Skills course dedicated to it.

The Gibson Gazette has been spotlighting some of these videos, including how to hold a guitar pick. This may seem obvious to many of you, but not everyone. The video below also looks at a good way to pluck strings on your electric or acoustic guitar when you don't have a pick. 

How To Hold A Pick - YouTube How To Hold A Pick - YouTube
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Alongside walkthroughs such as fretting, the Basic Skills course in the Gibson app also looks at relatively advanced techniques such as sweep picking alongside hybrid, flat, economy and fingerpicking. 

Hints On Fretting - YouTube Hints On Fretting - YouTube
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To find out more about the Gibson App visit the Apple App Store and Google Play

Rob Laing
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