"His dedication to Gibson’s quality and legacy is beyond reproach" – players pay tribute as Cesar Gueikian officially announced as President and CEO of Gibson Brands

Cesar Gueikian
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It's not a surprise but it is now official; Cesar Gueikian has been named as Gibson President and CEO following an interim period after the departure of former Chief Operating Officer James 'JC' Curleigh.

"I’m humbled and honored to have been confirmed as Gibson President & CEO," Gueikian said in a post on his Instagram. "I’m grateful for our board, team, fans, family and artists, who have supported me to merge my biggest passion with my business background.

"My responsibility is not only as leader of our Gibson global team," he added, "but also as an ambassador for all the passionate people, fans, and artists, around the world, who love music and the guitar as much as I and all of us at Gibson do."

Gueikian's passion as a player and collector has been a huge factor in Gibson's comeback as a guitar company following the fallout of the sometimes problematic Henry Juszkiewicz-led era that resulted in his departure in 2018 after the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The brand's refocus on has core guitar values was spearheaded by Gueikian appointment as Chief Merchant Officer in 2018, moving to Brand President in 2021. 

Cesar Gueikian / Instagram

(Image credit: Cesar Gueikian / Instagram)

I am responsible for leading our team on a path of self-discovery, listening, inspiring, and empowering our talented team to lead us into the future

"Cesar becoming Gibson's CEO means everything to my team and I, and we couldn't be more excited about the future with him at the helm," said Mat Koehler, Vice President of Product, Gibson Brands. "I know that we will see new levels of quality, variety, and innovation and continue to serve the music community with the most inspiring and empowering products on the planet."

Gueikian is now looking ahead to the company's future too.

"I look forward to the next Gibson “era”, where I am responsible for leading our team on a path of self-discovery, listening, inspiring, and empowering our talented team to lead us into the future," he commented. "To leverage our iconic past and lean into the future with passion. To create the conditions for all of us to be more creative the older we become as individuals and as a company. And as always, have fun along the way, play guitar, make music, and do epic shit!"

Emily Wolfe

Emily Wolfe (Image credit: Barbara FG)

Gibson isn’t just a brand, it’s a family

Gibson players have been quick to add their praises for the new boss

"I heard that he has been appointed the CEO now of Gibson, and I can’t think of a better, more passionate, intelligent person, to be at the helm of Gibson empire," said Megadeth's Dave Mustaine. "With his background in finance, his incredible business acumen, his insane ability to shred, and the fact he calls me ‘Colo,’ which is short for ‘El Colorado,’ like all of the wonderful fans from Argentina do, is the icing on the guitar cake!"

Epiphone signature artist Emily Wolfe noted her appreciation of the brand's support as a younger artist on the rise, and Gueikian's strengths as an embodiment of Gibson's values. "Cesar has a knack for innovation in the gear world, but always maintains reverence to the vintage instruments alongside legendary musicians who have created timeless art," said Wolfe. "It’s rare that a global brand also supports and elevates emerging artists like me. But , and I couldn’t be more proud to see Cesar lead Gibson to even greater heights.”

Gibson Adam Jones Les Paul Custom

(Image credit: Gibson)

As a huge Tool fan, Gueikian brought the band's Adam Jones into the fold as a signature artist for Gibson and Epiphone. 

“When I first met Cesar, I was blown away by his knowledge and deep commitment to music," said Jones in reaction to the CEO news. "Truly, Cesar’s soul drips with integrity and passion, and his dedication to Gibson’s quality and legacy is beyond reproach. I feel very proud to know him. We have developed an amazing working relationship but beyond that, I now consider Cesar a close friend.”

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