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Here’s why Reason+ is the music software subscription service you can’t afford to be without

(Image credit: Reason Studios)

It seems like pretty much everything is available on subscription these days - films, music and even your weekly groceries - but what about music software? Traditionally, we’ve bought this outright, so what are the benefits of moving to a monthly or yearly payment plan?

In the case of Reason+, the new subscription service from Reason Studios, the case is pretty compelling. By signing up, not only do you get instant and continued access to the full version of the legendary Reason DAW and plugin, but you’re also supplied with fresh and inspirational sound packs every single week.

Reason comes with more than 70 built-in instruments, effects and other creative devices. Reason+ subscribers get all of these, along with every future device by Reason Studios. Paying for yearly upgrades will become a thing of the past - you can be secure in the knowledge that you’ll always have access to the latest version of Reason and all of its flagship devices.

The instruments in Reason have long been regarded as world-class - the likes of Europa, Friktion, Thor, Algoritm, Umpf Club Drums and more - and its creative and mixing effects are up there with the best of them, too.

Don’t forget about the Player MIDI FX, either - Beat Map, Pattern Mutator and Quad Note Generator to name just a few of them - which can take your productions in new and inspiring directions.


(Image credit: Reason Studios)

What’s more, Reason+ will never run short of samples or presets for these devices, as the included Sound Packs, released weekly, provide a constant supply of new samples and presets. This is a subscription service that really does keep on giving.

It’s also one that’s ideal for any computer-based musician, as all of Reason’s devices can be used in another DAW. Yes, Reason works great on its own, but if you’re happy with your current DAW and don’t want to learn another one, you don’t have to - just take the best of what Reason has to offer and integrate it into your current workflow.

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(Image credit: Reason Studios)

If you’re still not sure, the good news is that you can try Reason+ for 30 days for free, without having to enter any credit card details. After that, you can pay $19.99/€19.99 a month or $199/€199 year - a small price to pay for a whole studio’s worth of music-making content.

Find out more and sign up to Reason+ on the Reason Studios website.