Here’s what a track created using AI sounds like

For many of us, AI is as scary as it is exciting, particularly when you hear evidence that it might be capable of putting human musicians and producers out of a job.

Break Free is the first track to be released from Taryn Southern’s forthcoming album I am AI, which she says was composed entirely with artificial intelligence (though the lyrics, melodies and vocals are hers). It was powered by Amper Music’s AI Music Composer, which generates music based on the mood, instrumentation, tempo and duration options selected by the user.

We’re keen to find out if there was any human involvement beyond that - in the arranging, mixing and mastering, for example - so we’ll be looking out for the behind-the-scenes video that Tayrn says she plans to release. This promises to provide more information on how the track was made.

Whether AI can ever replicate those ‘lightning in a bottle’ moments that the best artists can come up with remains to be seen, but with technology moving on apace, who knows where the future could take us?

(Via Sonic State)

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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