Harley Benton's GPA-100 is a solid-state power amp the size of a stompbox

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

If you're looking for a portable power amp solution that you can mount on your pedalboard to play nice with your other effects and a preamp pedal, Harley Benton's brand new GPA-100 looks an attractive option.

And if you're on the fence, bear in mind that it's only 70 bucks. You could build your rig around it. Or you could use it as a backup for on-the-fly gigs when you need something to power a cabinet directly. Hey, we've all had an amp crap out on us with showtime approaching.

Either way, this Class D power amp, the size of a stompbox, has got plenty going for it, and the layout and setup couldn't be more straightforward. 

There is a big volume dial and a three-band EQ that can boost or cut 12dB from your bass, middle and treble. Three LEDs let you know if the unit is on, signal and peak status. 

There is a jack in for your instrument, one out for the speaker. Altogether you'll get 100 Watts into 8 Ohms or 190 watts into 4 ohms. For guitarists running stereo rigs, this could help you set up a wet/dry setup as you send one signal directly to a speaker.

The Harley Benton GPA-100 Power Amp is available now, priced £70. 

See Harley Benton for more details.

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