Harley Benton heads South with its new Delta Blues Resonator

Harley Benton Resonator
(Image credit: Harley Benton/Thomann)

Harley Benton, the increasingly well-regarded line of own-brand guitars from Euro retail giant Thomann, has announced the latest addition to its growing Bluegrass range, a nod to the instrument's heritage in the Mississippi Delta. 

The Harley Benton Delta Blues Resonator certainly looks the part, and as usual with HB, comes with a very attractive sticker price. €300/£260 will get Euro and UK punters a decent slice of Deep South spec.

Harley Benton Resonator

(Image credit: Harley Benton/Thomann)

There's a sapele body and neck for warmth, while an amaranth fretboard and square neck and spacey nut width should be ideal for budding lap players. But the star of this show is, of course, that metal resonator cone, which amplifies with a metallic twang, characteristic of much early blues and bluegrass music. 

For more details mosey on over to harleybenton.com

Full specification

● OM-12 body size
● Sapele body
● Sapele neck
● Amaranth fingerboard
● Square neck shape
● Black fingerboard & body bindings
● 19 silver nickel - 2.4mm frets
● Dot inlays & side marks
● 628mm scale
● 48.5mm nut-width
● Bone nut
● Maple & pau ferro biscuit bridge
● Single 265mm cone with 30mm height
● Sealed die-cast chrome tuners
● HB HQS 12-53 phosphor bronze strings

Harley Benton Resonator

(Image credit: Harley Benton/Thomann)
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