Hands-on demo: Polyend & Dreadbox Medusa

Medusa is the result of a collaboration between two of the most interesting boutique brands in Europe. 

The first of these is Dreadbox, the Athens-based outfit behind a growing roster of analogue synths, including the impressive NYX and Hades monosynths and its excellent flagship poly, Abyss. The other side of the equation comes from Polish brand Polyend, which has impressed us in the past year with the forward-thinking Seq sequencer and the Perc Pro MIDI drummer

Unsurprisingly, Medusa is comprised of an analogue synth engine supplied by Dreadbox, paired with digital synthesis and sequencing tools developed by Polyend. This is more than just a simple case of strapping a digital step sequencer to a subtractive synthesiser though; features such as wavetable oscillators, three-dimensional playable pads and full parameter sequencing aim to make this an instrument that can do cutting-edge sound design just as well as it does vintage analogue. 

Join us, then, as we dare to not just stare upon Medusa, but to delve into its deeper workings as well.

Simon Arblaster
Video Producer & Reviews Editor

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