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Hands-on demo: Mooer GE300

Michael Astley-Brown and Simon Arblaster find themselves in the compact, yet perfectly formed MusicRadar studio with none other than Mooer’s new flagship multi-effects pedal, the GE300.

With a price point that pits itself against the likes of Line 6’s Helix LT and the HeadRush Pedalboard, Mooer’s effort needs to bring some serious heat in the specs department. Fortunately, the GE300 packs 108 digital amp models, as well as 164 effects, 43 optional factory cab sims and a fully featured IR loader.

Perhaps one of the plus points that sets it apart from the rest is the extensive synth engine, which is made all the more fun, and ultimately more useful, with superb polyphonic tracking.

MORE INFO: Mooer set to disrupt multi-effects market as astonishingly feature-rich GE300 lands