Gus G launches Blackfire Pickups: "This wasn't about making another signature piece of gear, but creating something new"

Gear 2021: Guitarist Gus G has launched his own company called Blackfire Pickups with two humbucker sets.

"Creating my own pickups was a dream come true, says the Firewind and former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist. "This wasn't about making another signature piece of gear, but rather than creating something new from scratch based in my 20 year long experience touring and recording professionally. 

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"Being on a constant search for the perfect tone, I wanted to make the pickup that will be suitable not only for myself, but for any Rock & Metal player that is looking for solid, uncompromising tone."

Blackfire Pickups has been years in the making and now presents two launch standalone passive and active humbucker sets; the Proteus & Immortal. These have previously been available on Gus's Jackson signature model guitars but are available to buy separately now for the first time. 

Immortal - passive humbucker (€175)

Blackfire Pickups

(Image credit: Blackfire Pickups)

The Immortal set are high output passive humbuckers with Alnico 5 magnets. Blackfire says they are "a great pickup for rock and metal tones with powerful midrange boost that provides crunchy rhythm tones and screaming leads."

Proteus – active humbucker (€199)

Blackfire Pickups

(Image credit: Blackfire Pickups)

These are aimed squarely at metal players looking for "powerful rich tone and expressive feel."

The Proteus pickups feature a high output, low-noise preamp that Blackfire state "gives enough kick and distortion, with well-balanced EQ and rich harmonics that respond perfectly to picking attack and dynamics."

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