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Work sucks, play drums

Drum set for one. Yes!
Drum set for one. Yes!

Let's face it, it's a Monday, the hardest day of the week. Work blows. You wish you were somewhere else.

You wish you were...playing drums!

Well, now you can, sort of. Ron Wnter has come out with the ultimate keyboard drum kit, perfect for playing at work, at home, in the car - anywhere you want.

The drum and synth sounds are fun and realistic, and with a little creativity you can get a decent pattern going.

Our only gripe: the Darth Vader/robot skull icon at the top which controls the drum pattern. It lasts mere seconds. We would've preferred it as a continuous and variable beat. Hey Ron, you might want to investigate and give it a tweak.

Till then, beat it at work! Here's the app.