Wishlist: PRS Custom 24 Semi-Hollow


While PRS's SE line has produced some excellent semi-hollow electrics, not least the 2014 Zach Myers, the USA production line has always preferred - with a few exceptions, such as the semi- hollow 1989 Limited Edition - an all-solid or hollowbody construction. Semis, however, have increasingly appeared in various limited-edition guises over the past few years.

The PRS 22 Semi-Hollow, a 300-piece limited model, was offered in 2010 and wasn't called a Custom, although the majority of dealers declared it thus.

At the PRS Experience open house event in September 2013, the 408 Semi-Hollow was offered, limited to 100 pieces. In June of this year, the near-30-year-old brand announced the pictured Custom 24 Semi-Hollow (approximately £4k), stating that "fewer than 200 of these instruments will be made."

Air and single f hole aside, it closely follows the spec of the current Custom 24, with pattern regular neck profile and uncovered 59/09 pickups.

It retains the standard Custom depth of 49mm and is hollowed on the bass side only, resulting in a weight of just 3.1kg (6.82lbs).

"The addition of a chambered, semi-hollow body gives this guitar added midrange and resonance, while losing none of the instrument's tried-and-true character," says PRS accurately.

Considerably cheaper, however, are a new trio of S2 semis: the Mira Semi-Hollow (£1,259) and the Custom 22 and Singlecut Semi-Hollows, both £1,559. They closely mirror the specs of the solidbody models.

Head to PRS Guitars for more information and check back in a few week's time for our full review.

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