WIN! Bare Knuckle pickups for your guitar

Bare Knuckle Pickups is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and we've got a brilliant competition lined up for you, regardless of what style of guitar you play: by entering below, you can put yourself in line for a chance to bag a pair of Bare Knuckles for your guitar.

Need humbuckers? We've got a set of Black Hawks, sporting Bare Knuckle's Radiator covers. Playing a Strat? The triple-pronged Cobra Strat single coil set will see you right. Finally, Tele players can max out their tonal capacity with a Piledriver Tele neck pickup, and the new Cobra T bridge single coil.

On top of this, each winner will receive a Bare Knuckle merch bundle, including a t-shirt, lanyard and stickers.

Enter here for Black Hawk

Enter here for Cobra

Enter here for Cobra T & Piledriver

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