Will Dido give away her new album?

Dido in a broom closet, probably
Dido in a broom closet, probably

Dido went back to school to learn and play every instrument (in a broom closet) on her forthcoming album Safe Trip Home, which, was an impressive feat. She also gave away a track - Look No Further - for free, which, was not as impressive but still very nice. Would the comeback queen attempt a similar 'freebie' model with the LP?

Probably not…

MTV questioned Dido about the giveaway: "I think as an artist you just want people to be able to hear what you've done. Sometimes you don't want to have to wait until the record comes out."

When asked about following suit with the whole album, she replied: "I may well do. I don't know. I would if I had my choice!"


Ok, so it's probably a throwaway comment. Not as throwaway as, say, Joss 'music should be free' Stone, but still expected to be taken lightly. The truth is that Dido could happily live off her first two offerings and charge nothing for Safe Trip Home but, as she rightly states, her label would never allow it.

Some bands toy with new selling models as a way of promotion but Dido really doesn't need to. Although, did Radiohead really need to give away In Rainbows on a pay-what-you-like basis? No. And they still made a fortune…

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