Was that Slash who just ran by?

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Have guitar will travel

Have guitar, will travel

Dash for Slash

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Paradise city

Paradise city!

Dash for Slash

As everybody knows, Slash has licks for days. But who among us knew that the current Velvet Revolver and former Guns N' Roses guitarist could last on his feet for an entire marathon? Turns out he had a little help.

Fifty helpers, in fact. As part of the worldwide launch of Slash's new Gibson and Epiphone signature model Les Pauls, 50 Slash look-a-likes donned wigs, top hats, sunglasses, and even cigarettes dangling from their mouths, and in what was called "Dash for Slash," ran the 26.2-mile LA Marathon in Los Angeles, California.

The Gibson/Epiphone Slash signature models don't hit stores until 1 April. If there's a marathon in your area before then, don't be surprised to see a Slash or two run by. Or fifty of them. In the meantime, check out the dedicated Gibson Slash Signature Series website.