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Vivian Campbell: Music piracy is good for Def Leppard

Def Leppard: Classic
Def Leppard: Classic

Def Leppard are currently touring the US and, despite the fact they've been around since 1977, are still drawing in a new generation of younger fans. The Lep's Vivian Campbell would like to thank music piracy and the file-sharing public for keeping "the kids" in tow.

"That's a by-product of music piracy more than anything else", said the guitarist. "I'm not saying that as a negative. I think it's very positive".

"A lot of younger kids get turned on to classic bands because they're trading files. They have 4000 or 5000 songs on their iPod, that's $4,000 or $5,000 on their iPod, at iTunes' prices, at least. A 12-year-old can't afford that. When kids trade files, it's actually a good thing for classic bands such as us".

Although he thinks "classic bands" should be grateful, Campbell admits not everyone will benefit: "It's not such a good thing for up-and-coming artists who need to sell records."

He's definitely got a point, unlike Joss "music should be shared" Stone, who may or may not have been joking but still ended up sounding like an idiot.