VIDEO: Rival Sons' Scott Holiday on his live guitars and gear

Scott Holiday photographed backstage at New York s Gramercy Theater June 25 2014
Scott Holiday, photographed backstage at New York's Gramercy Theater, June 25, 2014
(Image: © Joe Bosso)

A lot of guitarists prefer to leave the good stuff at home when they go on tour. That doesn't fly with Rival Sons guitarist Scott Holiday. "My guitars are my sound," he tells MusicRadar, "live and on record. Besides, my guitars are my friends. Why would I not bring my friends on the road with me?"

Before a sold-out Rival Sons performance at New York's Gramery Theater, Holiday introduced us to a few of his pals: a 1962 Fender Jazzmaster, a 1965 Gibson Firebird I, a 1999 Gibson Custom Historic Firebird VII and three custom-build Doug Kauer beauties.

What's more, he gave us an up close and personal look at his not one, but two pedal boards (jam-packed with sonic goodies) as well as his amp rig. It's a sweet setup - have a look below.

Rival Sons' new album, Great Western Valkyrie, is available at Amazon. For tour dates, visit the official Rival Sons website.