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VIDEO: Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here new CD and boxset

That's some handshake!
That's some handshake!

Six weeks ago, Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon was reissued, remastered and loaded with rare audio goodies. Now it's the band's 1975 release, Wish You Were Here, out today in two new versions, that's getting the deluxe treatment in Experience and Immersion sets, both of which will include a long-sought-after alternate take of the title track.

Featuring a mid-song violin solo by jazz artist Stéphane Grappelli, who was recording at London's Abbey Road at the same time as Pink Floyd, the track knocked out drummer Nick Mason, who told USA Today that he was "astonished" the band didn't include it on the original album.

The two-CD Experience set houses the remastered record with a second disc that contains the Grappelli track as well as other unreleased selections - including a 20-minute live performance of Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

The Immersion boxset includes the two CDs from the Experience edition, plus two DVDs with surround and quadraphonic versions of the original album, along with video that was played onscreen during concerts. Also included is a Blu-ray disc with high-res versions of all the various album treatments.

Next February, The Wall will be reissued in Experience and Immersion editions. We imagine there will be several folks out there with a passing interest in these releases.