VIDEO: Joe Satriani - A Door Into Summer

For the past few years, on solo albums and those by Chickenfoot, Joe Satriani has recorded at Skywalker Sound in Lucas Valley, California. In the video for A Door Into Summer - the surging, shimmering first single from his forthcoming new album, Unstoppable Momentum - the guitarist takes us along on one of his favorite little road trips.

"I just love the drive to Skywalker," he says. "You go over the Golden Gate Bridge, through the countryside, and 40 minutes later you're in this idyllic setting that George Lucas created in the hillsides of Marin County. You really feel as though you've arrived at someplace unique."

The clip, directed by Jon Luini and Arthur Rosato (chime interactive), also lets us eavesdrop on the goings-on behind the new album as Satriani, once ensconced in the studio, gets to work with drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, bassist Chris Chaney, keyboardist Mike Keneally and co-producer Mike Fraser.

"Recording a song close to your heart always teaches you things about yourself and gives you new musical opportunities to embrace," Satriani says. "This song drove me to be more melodic and to play deeper 'in the pocket.' It's got a huge, rock and soul electric guitar presence to it, with that extra uplifting vibe."

Ironically, A Door Into Summer was the working title of Satriani's 1992 hit Summer Song, but he decided to change it after a record company promo man wished out loud to him, "If I could just have that one summer song... " Things came full circle late last year, when Satriani, while working on remasters for an upcoming reissue of his complete catalogue, came across boxes of tapes from two decades ago. "There it was: A Door Into Summer," he says. "I remember writing it years ago, thinking about that very first day of summer."

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Joe Bosso

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