VIDEO: InMe new studio guitar diary

After five albums, British alternative rock four-piece InMe are getting very ambitious on their next step with not one, but three interconnected concept albums.

The band are currently recording Trilogy: Dawn, the first of the series, at CDS Studios in Chelmsford. They're documenting the epic process too; in the premiere of this new video diary frontman / guitarist Dave McPherson and producer Mike Curtis explain the ideas, guitar gear… and cat (?!) behind Trilogy: Dawn.

"Trilogy is going to be a trio of albums exploring birth, life and death, explains McPherson, "with this particular record focusing on birth, beginnings, childhood and youth. One interesting angle is that I've used two very old ideas I demoed years ago which is only one of many things that ties it all together as a piece that focuses on our earlier times."

On the subject of early days, the Essex band will also be playing their 2003 debut, Overgrown Eden, in its entirety for their set at Takedown Festival on March 7 at Southampton University.

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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