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Inside this month's mag:

This issue, we're taking a look at the best mini-pedals on the market. From shrunk-down 'drives to tiny delays, baby-wahs to mini-modulations,we've rounded up as many pedals as we can find for a TG mega-test in every effects category.

We also show you the best way to power and patch your pedals together, with advice on power supplies, cables and mini pedalboards. On top of this,we've hand-picked a selection of pedals to help you recreate the boards of your heroes in miniature!

As usual, the rest of this month's mag is brimming with interviews, tutorials and gear reviews, including:

Learn To Play

Foo Fighters 'Best Of You'

Jake Bugg 'Lightning Bolt'

Steal Their Style: Eric Clapton


TG Round Table: Slipknot and Korn
Mick, Jim, Munky and Head take their places at the TG Round Table to talk guitars!

All Time Low
The Maryland pop-punkers on their journey to Wembley

Lieutenant US
Foo Fighters' Nate Mendel picks up the six-string

Mariachi El Bronx
Joby J Ford on blending punk energy with acoustic tradition


PRS S2 Vela
Paul Reed Smith goes retro with his latest design!

Ibanez JS140
Satriani's new mid-priced signature

Orange Rockerverb 50 MKIII
The Orange classic gets an upgrade

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