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Tom Morello's top tip for guitarists? "Gear doesn't matter"

Tonehounds and gearheads, listen up, because Tom Morello wants a word with you - three, to be precise: "Gear doesn't matter."

In the latest episode of Red Bull TV's Gearheads, the Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave and Prophets Of Rage guitarist gets straight to the point: "My take on gear," he says, "is that it does not matter at all, ever, in any circumstance."

In the rest of the video, Morello discusses the origins of his hippopotamus-covered Arm The Homeless custom guitar, and divulges his current rig.

Gear does not matter at all, ever, in any circumstance

As longtime Morello fans, we're aware that his setup has hardly changed since RATM's debut, but his comments nonetheless come as a surprise, especially to anyone who thinks of him as 'that Whammy pedal guy'.

What are your thoughts? Does gear play a part in your songwriting, or do you sound the same running through any old rig?

Read more about Morello's gear in our interview with the man himself about his Arm The Homeless guitar and Marshall JCM800 amp.