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This is what Blink-182 would sound like as a metal band

Jared Dines is a deep thinker and social commentator, scoring big hits with the likes of Things Guitarists Say in the Studio and One Guy, 15 Voices (Metal Rendition), but now the YouTube sensation poses the question: what if Blink-182 was metal?

We'll forgive Jared overlooking the past subjunctive tense in the question, because the answer is pretty damn impressive, and goes to show what a touch of harmonised guitar, palm-muting and down-tuning can do.

Above, you'll witness metal anthems made of 10 Blink classics, including Always, Adam's Song, Down, Man Overboard, What's My Age Again?, Dammit, The Rock Show, Stay Together For The Kids, All The Small Things and I Miss You.

Bravo, Mr Dines, bravo. Next up, punk-rock covers of Whitechapel songs?