There's more to Korg's Stageman 80 portable PA than meets the eye

If there's such a thing as a 'smart portable PA', Korg's new Stageman 80 is probably it. Not only is this an 80W stereo speaker system, but it's also a rhythm machine, recorder, mixer, tuner and metronome.

The two 40W high-output amps and 4-inch stereo speakers are said to kick out enough volume to cover a small or mid-sized performance venue, and the Stageman 80 could also be taken out on the street (you can power it with batteries if you wish). The rhythm machine, meanwhile, is filled with performances by pro drummers and percussionists and includes 3GB of loops in a range of styles.

The Stageman 80 gives you a mic input, two inputs for guitar or bass, and a further AUX input, and all of these sources can be mixed. There's a 2-band EQ and a reverb effect, while Korg's Acoustage technology is designed to generate a virtual surround effect from the stereo speakers. You can record your performances to SD card, and the Stageman 80 also functions as a WAV audio file player.

We don't yet have a price or release date for the Stageman 80, but you can find out more on the Korg website.

Korg Stageman 80 features

  • A stereo 80W high-output system provides high-quality sounds
  • Rhythm machine function with excellent presence
  • Simple-to-use recording and playback functions
  • Mixer function that meets a variety of needs
  • Acoustage function for added spaciousness
  • Convenient tuner and metronome functions
  • Foot switch input for greater control during live performance
  • Flexibility for any performance location
Ben Rogerson

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