The musical road: long and whining

Take the musical road and drive it
Take the musical road and drive it

Start out at Highway 61, take a left down Thunder Road, past Electric Avenue, avoiding Highway To Hell. Try not to get the Road House Blues as you revisit Highway 61, hang a right at the Crossroads and whatever you do, don't go down Dead End Street. Persevere through the Crosstown Traffic and you'll make it to Avenue K: the musical street.

The newly-named Civic Musical Road, in Lancaster, California, was modified for a Honda Civic advertisement. A series of grooves were cut into the tarmac, which causes your vehicle's tires to vibrate in such a way as to create music. Sadly, rather than playing any of the songs mentioned above, Honda opted for The William Tell Overture, perhaps best known as The Lone Ranger theme tune.

Even more sadly, the road has already been filled in due to complaints from nearby homeowners. You can hear and see why they kicked up a stink in this video. The road certainly makes a noise, but we're pretty sure they need to be driving faster than the 55mph speed limit to get the right tempo. According to CNET, Honda insists the crevices are tuned to the tires and wheelbase of the Civic - not an SUV.

Fans of partying pavements can still get their freak on to Mary Had A Little Lamb by the Anyang Singing Road in South Korea or Memories Of Summer on Japan's Melody Road.

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