The Hives get sued for plagiarism

The Hives they even steal each others clothes
The Hives: they even steal each others' clothes

Swedish rockers The Hives are set to be sued for alleged plagiarism by Los Angeles-based songwriter Jason Shapiro.

Shapiro claims his song Why You? - recorded by The Roofies in 1997 then again by Three Way in 2002 - was copied by The Hives on their 2007 single Tick Tick Boom,

Shapiro claims that Tick Tick Boom uses a vocal melody and riff from his song. He also consulted a musicologist before deciding to sue.

"He [the musicologist] said the part in question - the main riff and vocal melody - was very similar and its uniqueness led him to believe it wasn't just a coincidence," he told the LA Times. "He also runs it through a background test seeing if any charts from previous songs are close and we were clear on that front."

"I don't feel great about suing a band I love" Jason Shapiro

Shapiro added: "I absolutely love The Hives and don't feel great about suing a band I love. But I also feel credit is due where it is due if you borrow a riff."

Make your own mind up by listening:

Jason Shapiro And The Roofies - Why You?
The Hives - Tick Tick Boom

Of course, songs sounding the same is not a new phenomena.

But is the case of Tick Tick Boom ready to explode in court?