The best of YouTube: #4

SRV playing his masterpiece Lenny
SRV playing his masterpiece Lenny

Once again, MusicRadar has been trawling YouTube and other video sites for the best and most entertaining music clips on the web. We´ve got a great bunch of clips this week, but those with sensitive ears should be warned: this list contains Keytar!

1. Stevie Ray Vaughan plays Lenny live
You´re unlikely to hear more heartfelt blues playing than this.

2. When Michael Stipe had hair. And Peter Buck could ‘dance´
REM are back on form with new album Accelerate. Go back 25 years, and here´s REM´s debut single Radio Free Europe on the David Letterman show.

3. Michael Hedges plays The Beatles
A great cover from the late acoustic virtuoso.

4. Johnny Marr talks guitars
The ex-Smiths legend talks about his ´63 Fender Jaguar, Fender amps and more…

5. The White Stripes vs Son House
See Jack White attack blues classic Death Letter
and Son House playing his original.

Eye Of The Tiger on the Keytar!
The Keytar is apparently enjoying a revival. This should put a swift end to that.

2. Interactive music generation using a webcam
Using a webcam and some software (MaxMSP, reacTIVision and Isadora), this university student creates a system that generates music and visuals based on his movements.

3. Novation Supernova saves a prayer
When the Duran Duran new romantic revival kicks in, synths players be ready!

4. DJs QBert and D-Styles
The Invisibl Skratch Piklz DJs shows off their skills.

5. How Daft Punk made One More Time
It´s easy when you´ve got the right vintage funk records and even simple software.

Rock´n´roll drums on a keyboard
What starts out as a mundane demonstration of the drum patch on a keyboard soon descends into all-out drum solo mayhem.

2.Monkey Man with Charlie Watts
The Rolling Stones drummer is a senior citizen, but he's still as sharp as a tack.

3.Chad Smith plays the world´s biggest drum kit
This 308-piece kit set a new world record. We just like his hat.

4. John Bonham playing Moby Dick live
A rare snippet of the legendary Led Zeppelin drummer playing a solo.

5.Bernard ‘Pretty´ Purdie shows off
The world´s most-recorded drummer just might be the coolest too.


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