The best of YouTube: #34

The noisiest typewriter of all time?
The noisiest typewriter of all time?

A four-tonne acoustic guitar, a musical typewriter and a band with a very rude name. It could only be the very best videos on the interweb, volume 34…

Joe Bosso's choices

The Killers - Mr Brightside at Glastonbury 2004
It's always great seeing a band when they're young and hungry and ready to take on the world, as The Killers do during this smashing performance of one of their first big hits. Judging from their brilliant new album, Day And Age, they're still hungry and ready to take on the world - and only a few years older. JB

Vacuum cleaner guitar performance to Dr Feelgood
This is one way to get your mom to buy that guitar. For the most part,this guy isair guitaring, or air vacuuming as it were. But wait till 3:10 when he lets loose with a 'solo' of white noise that is both hilarious and strangely appropriate. To say "it sucks" would be the whole point. JB

Ben Rogerson's choices

Step inside Raphael Saadiq's studio
The old-school soul revival might be getting a little tiresome now, but multi-instrumentalist Raphael Saadiq's new album The Way I See It certainly sounds impressively authentic. He explains why and how the record was made in this studio interview - you can check out part 2 here. BR

A tribute to Levi Stubbs
If genuine vintage soul is more your cup of tea, check out this clip of Levi Stubbs, who sadly passed away last week, leading the Four Tops through a performance of Reach Out I'll Be There - surely one of the greatest pop singles of all time. BR

Tom Porter's choices

Jens Lekman does Black Cab in a black cab
We've been to The Black Cab Sessions before with Lykki Li, but Sweden's finest - Jens Lekman - warbling out a stripped down version of Black Cab is equally beautiful. Blindingly obvious, but still beautiful. TP

TypoSonic: The musical typewriter
Diego Stocco is a composer and sound designer who likes to set fire to pianos in the name of sample creation. He's also responsible for the TypoSonic: an old typewriter mangled together with bass strings and a sound board. It makes a noise, the 'musical' bit is subjective… TP

Michael Leonard's choices

Hayseed Dixie vs AC/DC
Black Ice is selling shitloads, and AC/DC are suddenly a fashionable band. Celebrate Hayseed Dixie's bluesgrass cover melded to the original video of You Shook Me All Night Long. This'll get yer banjos rockin'. ML

Man climbs inside his acoustic guitar
Well, the 'guitar' does weigh four tonnes. What's that phrase: "it's a fine line between stupid and clever"? ML

Chris Vinnicombe's choices

Eddie Cochran - Somethin' Else
Songs about girls and cars don't come much better than this. Just ask Keith Richards or Sid Vicious. As far as pure unadulterated rock 'n' roll thrills go, it's nearly as good as Shot Down by The Sonics, which is quite possibly the most ballsy two minutes thirteen seconds ever committed to tape. This is quite close to perfection too. CV

Elliott Smith plays King's Crossing live
Ostensibly less raucous but no less intense is this naked acoustic rendition of a lost classic from the late Elliott Smith. Here's the epic studio version from the posthumous From A Basement On The Hill album.And here, the best songwriter of his generation talks about his approach to writing and plays a few very nice chords too. CV

Chris Wickett's choices

The genre of jazz-fusion is all too often relegated to music's 'what were they thinking' bin, only to infrequently permeate the cultural consciousness with memories of the SynthAxe, bad keyboard sounds and Mighty Boosh quotes. I think it's a shame that such a brilliant genre is tarnished by such nonsense - so this week I've selected some classic fusion clips to inspire a new generation of Joe Zawinuls, Herbie Hancocks and Billy Cobhams. Well, I can but try…

Billy Cobham - Red Baron live with the George Duke Band
John Scofield, George Duke, Alphonso Johnson and of course, Bill himself playing the closing track from Cobham's 1973 classic, Spectrum. I never met the Red Baron myself, but judging by the music named in his honour, he must have been a pretty groovy guy. CW

Herbie Hancock - Hang Up Your Hang Ups
The official video to Hancock's 1975 funk epic. It almost feels like the intro to a '70s detective show set in the Big Apple - albeit a seven minute-long one… CW

Mike Goldsmith's choices

Jay Reatard: My Shadow
A couple of none-more-hardcore live clips from resurgent US indie, Matador Records. First up is garage punk revivalist, Jay Reatard. No indie dilettante is the hyperactive Mr Reatard - recommended by the Oblivians, releases on Goner Records and In The Red (the amazing Blood Visions) and, as our clips shows, gigs that invariably turn into riots. His first LP for Matador is a compilation of his six 2008 singles with a first album proper slated for January 2009. I'm off to see him in November. I'll be the one in the Bad Brains Kevlar hoodieMG

Fucked Up: Baiting The Public (live)
Also on Matador and also part of the hardcore revival are Toronto true believers, Fucked Up. Again, no scenester take on hardcore - this band has been around since 1982, have released a gazillion mixtapes and 7"s on labels such as Jade Tree and have a mighty live reputation - they've done everything from destroy a MTV studio to cause riots at SXSW and, recently, play a marathon twelve hour show. Recent releases have seen them move away from straight hardcore to more experimental psych-tinged pieces but, as all these clips show, the sight of a half-naked wailing man mountain by the name of Pink Eyes is always on the cards when they play live. Coming back to the UK in November, go see. MG

Still bored? Watch this manualist's rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody from Jimmy Kimmel Live. That's a misspent youth right there.

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