TC Electronic unveils Alter Ego V2 Vintage Echo and T2 Reverb

TC Electronic has announced two new pedals; the Alter Ego V2 Vintage Echo and T2 Reverb reverb pedal.

The new pedals - the company's latest collaboration with ProGuitarShop - feature sounds from the Alter Ego X4 and Trinity Reverb, respectively.

As well as familiar TC features like a TonePrint slot, switchable bypass options and audio-tapping to set the delay time, the Alter Ego V2 contains 11 delay types, nine of which are borrowed from the Alter Ego X4 - including emulations of classic echo units from the Roland Space Echo to the Echoplex. Also included is an exclusive modulated version of TC's own 2290 delay. In a rather generous move, TC has also included a looper function with up to 40 seconds of loop time.

The T2 Reverb offers 10 reverb modes designed by TC and ProGuitarShop promising to sound as "lush and deep as the Grand Canyon" and "as hauntingly beautiful as the Aurora Borealis". It's founded on long decays and modulated reverb sounds, and also includes two 'ethereal' settings from the Trinity reverb. On top of this, there's an extra slot for downloading TonePrint settings.

The Alter Ego V2 looks to be streeting at around £138, while the T2 is around £118.To hear each pedal, check out the demo videos below.

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