Taylor Solid Bodies reach UK shores

Taylor Guitars and UK distributors Sound Technology have announced details of a UK pre-launch for the hotly-anticipated new Solid Body electric guitars. Ahead of the official launch in January 2008, select stores will have stock before Christmas 2007.

MusicRadar will feature full reviews of all three new models very soon, but in the meantime, Taylor Guitars head honcho Bob Taylor reveals just how the Solid Body series was born:

"Our new solid body electrics are a completely original design. I could never justify building a guitar that was an imitation of another brand's model. That's not what we do.

"About a year ago, we were working on some humbuckers for a new T5. These pickups sounded so great, we looked up and said, Hey, we're in the electric guitar business now. Instead of keeping them for the T5, we began designing an entirely new guitar, full of touches that are purely Taylor.

"The neck and body shape are all our own. Our aluminium bridge is just beautiful - it feels like a luxury watch band; it's invisible to the player, yet it's fully adjustable and loaded with performance features.

"We developed a new concept of insetting the top with exotic woods, which gives us the look of a bound guitar, with the comfort of a contoured body. We literally designed every part of this guitar ourselves, right down to the knobs!"

Taylor's new 'Electric' website is now home to the Solid Body series and the T5 Electric/Acoustic hybrid. For UK-specific details of the guitars and the pre-launch store locations visit the Sound Technology website.

Taylor Solid Bodies are priced at UK RRP £999 for the Classic, £1499 for the Standard, and £1999 for the Custom.

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