Swineshead reveals Dragonfly and Spotlight Tele pickups

Handmade in the UK: Spotlight (left) and Dragonfly (right) pickups
Handmade in the UK: Spotlight (left) and Dragonfly (right) pickups

Swineshead Pickups has announced two new Tele Pickups - the Spotlight and the Dragonfly. Like all Swineshead pickups, they are handmade in the UK village of… Swineshead.

The company describes the Spotlight as “a classic sounding Tele pickup”, combining a tight low end with clean highs. The bridge version comes with a traditional ferrous metal baseplate.

Spotlight spec
Bridge resistances: 7.0k
Neck resistances: 6.0k
Magnet: Alnico 5 rods

The Dragonfly is the louder of the two for players who need “more low end power and less piercing high end”. The bridge model uses a thick plastic bottom instead of a metal baseplate.

Dragonfly spec
Bridge resistances: 8.5k
Neck resistances: 7.1k
Magnet: Alnico 5 rods

All Swineshead pickups are available in a wide range of colours, woods and finishes. Plastic Tele pickups are £42.95 each whilst the wooden Tele pickups will set you back £52.95 each.


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