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Summer NAMM 2016: Experience "never-before-heard tidal swirls" with DigiTech's Nautila Chorus/Flange effects pedal

SUMMER NAMM 2016: DigiTech is on an unstoppable roll lately, and the latest pedal to drop from the company's rapidly expanding product line is the Nautila Chorus/Flange.

As you'd expect, the stompbox fuses chorus and flanger, promising "never-before-heard tidal swirls or soothing rhythmic waves" via voice and drift controls, which add up to eight chorus or four flanger voices that can be blended in real-time.

Similarly, the pedal's modulation speed can be altered by holding down the momentary footswitch, while speed, depth, emphasis and mix controls handle the rest of the tone tweaking

Stereo ins and outs plus 9V battery operation make for easy pedalboard integration, too.

We love the idea behind this one, so we're eager to board the good ship Nautila when it docks later this year with a street price of $149.95.