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SUMMER NAMM 2015: Antares unveils ATG-1 Floor Processor with Auto-Tune for Guitar

SUMMER NAMM 2015: After experiments with Peavey's AT-200, Antares has announced its first Auto-Tune for Guitar (ATG) multi-effects pedal: the ATG-1 Floor Processor.

Compatible with electric guitars equipped with built-in or external 13-pin outputs, the ATG-1 promises perfect tuning and intonation across the fretboard.

The ATG-1 achieves this through String Tune, which tunes all six strings at the push of a button, and Solid-Tune, which constantly monitors the pitch of each string.

As well as Auto-Tune technology, the ATG-1 also boasts electric, bass and acoustic pickup modelling, 13 alternate tunings (including DADGAD, drop D, open E, open G and custom tunings) and doublings (polyphonic octave up and down, 5th up, 4th up and custom doublings).

In addition, users have the ability to save up to 64 presets and utilise the pedal's virtual capo, all controlled using four buttons and a rotary control on the front of the unit.

The ATG-1 Floor Processor is available exclusively from Antares for $699.