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Strymon takes a new approach to overdrive with Riverside Multistage Drive pedal

We knew it was coming, and now Strymon has made its first overdrive pedal official, with the announcement of the Riverside Multistage Drive.

In true Strymon fashion, the Riverside takes a new approach to drive 'n' distortion, combining analogue and digital gain stages to produce top-notch harmonic and dynamic content.

The pedal also introduces "continuously variable circuit tuning", which dynamically adjusts multiple internal parameters for what the company's calling "infinite sweet spot" - that means it can capably span tones from cleans right up to saturated distortions.

By analysing various analogue and valve circuits, Strymon reckons it's produced a pedal that can "adapt to any amp", assisted by a three-band EQ and rear-mounted presence switch.

Elsewhere, a Push toggle can provide additional mid emphasis, while Strymon's Favorite footswitch engages a saved setting; an external footswitch can also be connected to toggle up to +6dB of post-boost, while an expression input offers control of any or all the knobs. There's even a built-in noise reduction circuit.

Yep, Strymon has thought of everything. Suffice to say, we can't wait to get our hands on this one. Riverside is available from November for £299/$299/€349.