Spector limited-edition NS-2JA-R reissue basses

Only 83 available. Make that 82...81...
Only 83 available. Make that 82...81...

Stuart Spector has been making basses of exceptional quality for descriminating players since 1977. Here's your chance to pick up a reissue that karkens back to his early days.

The NS-2JA-R is a limited-edition bass made in Spector's Czech factory. This is a reissue of the USA-made NS-2JA from 1983 and features the world-famous original Spector NS curved body design and the NS-2JA original deep-inset neck-pocket design.

Other features include a maple body, chrome hardware (Leo Quan bridge, Schaller tuners) and EMG active J pickups with EMG BT active tone controls.

The NS-2JA-R is available in high gloss finishes: solid white, solid black, and natural gloss. Natural Gloss includes a figured maple top.

Only 83 of each finish will be produced. That may seem like an odd number at first, but we're thinking that since the original is from 1983, well, you've figured that out now too. The NS-2JA-R lists for $2,099.00US. Case or gigbag is optional. For more information, visit the official Spector Bass website.