Silent, wearable metronome on the way

Touted as, finally, a metronome for the 21st Century, the Soundbrenner Pulse might just be one of those 'can't believe nobody thought of it before' products.

Using either or both light and vibration, the Pulse is a chunky but wearable silent metronome that can be synced to up to 10 performers.

In order to deliver the strength and accuracy of haptic input needed the device is actually 1/3 motor; it can pulse at six times the strength of a typical smartwatch and three times the most ferocious of smartphones.

Application of admin

With the Pulse itself devoted to delivering a beat, much of the modes, admin and syncing are farmed out to a bluetooth-linked app, which includes Metronome, Music Coach and Rhythm Exercise modes. Alternatively you can set the beat by tapping the Pulse itself, or go up to 300bpm via a dial around the device's face.

Soundbrenner are currently raising finance and taking pre-orders via crowdfunding site indiegogo, and aim to start shipping in November 2015. At that point a Pulse will set you back approx $149 but, as you'd expect, there are chunky early bird and multiple discounts available right now. For more info, head to Soundbrenner Pulse's Indiegogo page.

What do you think? Needless gimmickry or a genuinely innovative and useful idea?


The Soundbrenner app modes

  • Metronome: The Soundbrenner smartphone app is a highly accurate metronome that can be used as a stand-alone device when not in pairing mode. It lets musicians create their own custom rhythm patterns, customize accents, store presets in multiple set-lists and much more.
  • Smart Music Coach: The app learns the musician's practice behaviors and provides motivation to practice through the use of challenges and rewards. Musicians can set their own goals to personalize their approach to music practice
  • Rhythm Exercises:The app offers exercises specifically designed to help musicians develop a better sense of rhythm and help them enhance their speed, accuracy and endurance.

Other Soundbrenner Pulse Features

  • Multi-Link: With the Soundbrenner Pulse, up to 10 musicians playing together and each wearing a Soundbrenner Pulse can use the Multi-Link feature to receive the same vibration/rhythm pattern in perfect synchronization. One smartphone serves as the hub to set the beat for all of the devices.
  • LED: For musicians who also want a visual expression of the beat, LED lights that surround the face of the Soundbrenner Pulse can be turned on to blink in sync with the vibrational beat and customized to glow in any color. The lights can also stay turned off in discreet mode.

Product Specs

- Diameter of the face: 1.93" or 4.9 cm

- Black casing; water-resistant, adjustable silicon straps in two lengths

- Motor: Advanced high-quality Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) vibration motor; rated 6G

- Charging station: Universal Micro USB socket to recharge the lithium polymer battery; (each charge lasts 5 hours; 1 hour to charge)

- RGB LED lights: Illuminate the logo and wheel in user-definable colors and flash to the beat

- User Input: Capacitive touch sensor for tapping interaction; Discrete-step wheel to finely adjust the BPM

- Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart™, compatible with iPhone 4S and newer, most Android phones

- Mobile Apps: iOS 8 and newer; Android 5.0 and newer

Will Groves

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