Shred-friendly Caparison TAT Special7 announced

Caparison, a company originally founded more than 20 years ago by former members of the Japanese division of Charvel/Jackson, has established itself as a metal and shred-friendly brand whose endorsees has included Swedish virtuoso Mattias IA Eklundh, Killswitch Engage's Joel Stroetzel, and Motörhead's Phil Campbell.

Now the company has extended its newly remodelled TAT line with the TAT Special7, which adds a 7th, lower string, plus a whopping 27 frets.

Manufactured in Japan, the TAT Special7 features a curve top body with a neck-through, slant heel design, while on the reverse the gloss finish of the body blends into the oil finish of the neck to enhance playability.

Custom switching options are controlled via a combo of the three way pick-up selector and four-way rotary to give eight pickup output options.

Two switches = eight pickup permutations

Designed, manufactured and hand finished in Japan the Caparison TAT Special7 is available in US now for $3,449 excluding sales tax, with a UK price TBC.

Will Groves

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