Shirley Manson plays urinal in Terminator show

From Garbage to a toilet Shirley Manson s acting career takes a turn for the odd
From Garbage to a toilet: Shirley Manson's acting career takes a turn for the odd.

Flame-haired Garbage front-woman Shirley Manson has appeared in US TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as a T-1000 robot who morphs into a urinal.

We don't actually watch the show, but a YouTube clip confirms that this strange happening really did occur in an episode that aired on Monday. Viewers of a nervous disposition should be warned that when Manson morphs back into human form, she kills a man by sticking a spike through his head.

Speculation that George Michael also expressed an interest in the role is wildly inaccurate.

Back on saner turf, the NME reports that Manson is also launching a solo career, and has so far written songs with Jack White and Billy Corgan.