Shields - Jordan guitar playthrough

We're pleased to bring you this stunning guitar playthrough of Jordan from London-based metal band Shields.

The song features on the group's recent Guilt EP and is a crunching rhythm workout for guitarists Sam Kubrick (who, yes, IS related to Stanley) and Jamie-Lee Underwood

"Of all the songs on Guilt, Jordan is probably my favourite to play as guitarist. It's got both consistent heavy riffs and catchy melodic licks," says Sam. "I play an ESP LTD EC-407 7-String, perfect for playing in low tunings despite its 25-1/2" scale length neck! I just had to file down the nut slightly to fit lower gauge strings as we tune our guitars to Drop G."

Both of the players get their brutal tone live via Engl Powerball 2 amps, with a TC Electronics G-Major rack units for effects, while co-guitarist Jamie is also on the LTDs:

"I use a LTD SCT607B," he tells us. "This guitar is perfect for the tuning we play in and the baritone scale makes everything sound incredible."

Check out our exclusive Jordan playthrough video above and catch the band on their UK tour this week.

Shields UK tour dates

  • 17 September - Barfly, London
  • 18 September - Exile, Plymouth
  • 19 September - Met Lounge, Peterborough
  • 20 September - Riverside, Sheffield
  • 21 September - Audio, Glasgow
  • 22 September - Head Of Steam, Newcastle
  • 23 September - Tech Noir, Stoke
  • 24 September - Fuel Bar, Cardiff
  • 25 September - Ex Servicemens, Corby
  • 26 September - Vic Inn, Derby
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