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Schertler reveals 5-channel, "next-generation" UNICO acoustic guitar amp

Swiss amp ace Schertler has announced a five-channel, comprehensively featured acoustic guitar amp, the UNICO.

Packing a 1" dome tweeter and 10" woofer, the UNICO delivers 250W (200W + 50W) of bi-amplified power - Schertler reckons the woofer makes it a good crossover amp for electric guitars, too.

The five channels are divided up into a balanced mic XLR input, unbalanced mic/instrument input and one input that combines the two, while there's also a separate stereo input channel for external music devices and an FX return for line-level devices.

Each mic/instrument input offers a gain control and three-band EQ (with parametric mids on input channels 1 and 3, plus a notch filter on 2 and phase reverse switch on 1) - Phantom power and overload LEDs also feature.

Connectivity also includes an adjustable DI out, line out and aux out, while a digital reverb, mute button and low-cut filter further expand the feature set.

The UNICO is available now for €989.01 (£760/$1,000 approx) from Schertler.