Schecter issues counterfeit warning

Fake Schecters are being sold on auction sites so be careful out there
Fake Schecters are being sold on auction sites, so be careful out there

Schecter has issued a counterfeit warning to players looking to purchase their guitars in the wake of copies appearing on auction sites and shipping to the UK.

The Synyster Gates signature model has been among guitars that are being sold as genuine Schecters but are in fact poorly finished copies featuring over-large headstocks and shoddy detailing. The guitars are being sold on auction sites at 'factory direct' low prices, proving once again that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

"Although Schecter aggressively pursues the removal of such counterfeits, please be aware that some counterfeit and/or imitation Schecter products are being offered to consumers primarily through online websites, auction sites and trade boards," reads a statement on the Schecter website (read the full statement).

Westside, Schecter's UK distributors, have issued a similar warning with pictures of the offending model, which can be found at the official Westside website.

So, Schecter fans, be careful before you go blowing all your savings on a guitar online, or you might get your fingers badly burned.