Rumoured Pixies Minotaur release is real…

Frank Black or is it Black Francis
Frank Black... or is it Black Francis?

Rumours of a new Pixies release have finally come to fruition: it's a box set of reissued albums called Minotaur.

Unfortunately for patient fans (they've waited 18 years for a follow-up to Trompe Le Monde), the 15 June release won't include new material.

The Limited Edition and Deluxe Edition box sets - including all four albums plus the Come On Pilgrim EP - are being repackaged by original artworkers Vaughan Oliver and Simon Larbalestier (remember Trompe's eyeballs?). Rolling Stone has the skinny, including the whopping $450 price tag on the Deluxe Edition!

Pixies trompe le monde

Pixies trompe le monde

Pixies are playing the Isle Of Wight festival this year. Fans unable to make it will have to settle for a hit of Bam Thwok below - the only new(ish) material we're likely to hear…