Rock Band 2 TV commercials feature AC/DC's Let There Be Rock

Let there be plastic guitars...
Let there be plastic guitars...

One of the better TV commercials we've seen lately isn't one we've seen on TV, but on YouTube: It's for Rock Band 2, featuring AC/DC's Let There Be Rock.

Let There Be Rock is one of over 80 tracks that will appear on the upcoming game system, and if ever there was a song tailor-made for a product, this is it. Two versions of the commercial have been shot, one that lasts a minute and another that clocks in at slightly under 30 seconds.

But let's get the full effect and watch the minute-long commercial.

In other AC/DC news, it has been announced that a limited-edition "deluxe" version of their upcoming album Black Ice will be housed in a special hardcover package featuring a blue AC/DC logo. It will also come with a 30-page expanded booklet with exclusive illustrations and photographs. (That's the one we want.)

Black Ice is set for release October 20 and will sold exclusively at Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and AC/DC's official website in the US. AC/DC remain one of the few superstar bands not yet on iTunes.

Oh, and in case you didn't hear us the first time, Let There Be Rock!

Joe Bosso

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