Radiohead bassist works on soundtrack

Colin Greenwood is breaking into film soundtracks
Colin Greenwood is breaking into film soundtracks

Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood has teamed up with American composer James Lavino and members of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on the soundtrack to Alex Karpovsky's new film, Woodpecker.

You can stream the soundtrack via the Film/Television section at

Colin's younger brother Jonny is already an established soundtrack composer. He composed the music for independent film Bodysong, and contributed to the acclaimed soundtrack for 2008 Oscar-winning film There Will Be Blood.

Although highly acclaimed, There Will Be Blood's soundtrack itself was barred from a 2008 Oscar nomination as some tracks were recorded previously, and not specifically for the film - such as Popcorn Superhet Receiver.

All five members of Radiohead have now worked outside the band, after Thom Yorke's solo album The Eraser, and Ed O'Brien and Phil Selway's work with Neil Finn.