Positive Grid's BIAS Pedal plug-in is "the first tone match distortion modeller"

Following on from the BIAS Amp and BIAS FX guitar amp processors, Positive Grid has launched BIAS Pedal, a distortion processor available as a plug-in for computers and an app on iOS devices.

As you might expect, BIAS Pedal goes in-depth with stompboxes, allowing users to design and modify their own custom distortion pedal - right down to parameters including transistors and bias - as well as tone match real-life analogue overdrive, distortion, boost and fuzz pedals.

Integration with BIAS FX means custom-created distortion pedals can be added into existing digital guitar rigs, while settings can be sync'd across iOS, Windows and Mac devices.

BIAS Pedal is available now on the iPad App Store for $19.99, and $99 for Mac and Windows. Head over to Positive Grid for more info.

Positive Grid BIAS Pedal key features

  • The most accurate, thorough and versatile pedal modeling software available in the world.
  • 17 component-level emulation of distortion, overdrive, fuzz and booster pedals included with the introductory release.
  • Tone Match Technology captures any distortion pedals or recorded track and creates a matched model.
  • Coming soon: Share and download Tone Matched pedals created by signature artists and your fellow guitarists on ToneCloud.
  • Fully customizable clipping stage, output stage, power stage, parametric EQ, graphic EQ and studio EQ.
  • Seamless integration with BIAS FX,create and add custom distortion to dual signal path.
  • Customize the look and feel of your own pedal; change the name, box, panel and knobs.
  • Works the way guitarists think: tweak gain and overdrive, swap out silicon and germanium transistor, and shape the tone with different equalizers
  • Included noise gate and amp room simulator
  • Create a virtually unlimited number of custom pedals
  • Quick preset facility recalls each of your 8 favourite settings in turn with just one mouse click
Michael Astley-Brown

Mike is Editor-in-Chief of GuitarWorld.com, in addition to being an offset fiend and recovering pedal addict. He has a master's degree in journalism, and has spent the past decade writing and editing for guitar publications including MusicRadar, Total Guitar and Guitarist, as well as a decade-and-a-half performing in bands of variable genre (and quality). In his free time, you'll find him making progressive instrumental rock under the nom de plume Maebe.