Paul Gilbert launches online guitar course

Paul Gilbert unwinding at home
Paul Gilbert unwinding at home

PRESS RELEASE: Officially launched 23 May 2012, the Paul Gilbert Rock Guitar School combines an exhaustive video lesson list with the ability to show Paul Gilbert how you're doing and receive personalized video feedback from the master shredder himself.

In less than two weeks, the new school has amassed the sixth largest subscriber base in the ArtistWorks online campus of 14 different musical instrument schools.

"The Paul Gilbert Rock Guitar School's popularity in the U.S. and around the world is a testament to Paul's popularity and the promise of the ArtistWorks' Video Exchange Learning Platform," said David Butler, Founder and CEO of ArtistWorks, Inc. "We are realizing our vision of creating a global learning community dedicated to connecting people with the music that is in all of us."

The Rock Guitar School with Paul Gilbert utilizes ArtistWorks' patent-pending Video Exchange Learning™ Platform to create a personalized educational experience. Subscribing students view lessons and submit video questions/performances directly to world renowned teaching artists via webcam or smartphone.

The teacher then provides individual feedback with a personalized video response. This feedback is available for all subscribing students to view, creating a "virtual classroom" with an ever-evolving curriculum.

Gilbert is part of the ArtistWorks Guitar Campus, which gives students access to the same level of instruction from solo fingerstyle master Martin Taylor, bluegrass flatpick phenom Bryan Sutton, dobro whiz Andy Sutton, classical master Jason Vieaux, or jazz and gypsy virtuoso Andreas Oberg.

Subscription fees are reasonably priced at $90 for three months, $150 for six months and $240 for a 12-month subscription.

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